TruDental in Kansas City, MO

Exceptional Dental Care with TruDental

If you suffer from headaches, jaw pain, or migraines, you may want to give Blue Stream Dental a call today! We offer a revolutionary product called TRUDental, which is a comprehensive system that assists dentists in treating a variety of orofacial disorders by adjusting the way your teeth bite together. A number of issues, such as extensive or poor dental work and physical trauma from sports or car accidents, can cause misalignment of the jaw and teeth. Since your jaw exerts a tremendous amount of force, any type of change in the way it moves can cause future imbalances that result in chronic pain in the jaw and the nerve networks of the face, head, and neck.

TRUDental, an advanced system, takes a rehabilitative approach and is only used by trained professionals, including our dentist, Dr. Ledford. Treatment time varies, but most of the rehabilitation process takes about eight treatments and is individualized for each case. What is great about TruDental, is there is no poking, prodding, or scraping; only technology that includes ultrasounds, microcurrents, and cold laser therapies.

To learn more about the TruDental services we offer, contact our office at 816-941-0980 and set up an appointment today!